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(Relevance) is the result of multidiscplinary effort.


I - for my part - have great antennas. 

They help me to identify the (Elephant(s)) in the room as well as (Potentials).


Once we agree on what the (Elephant) really is and what the (Potentials) are

We tackle the first and in parallel focus on the second.


As a result you, your brand, your product, your cause or offer becomes more (Relevant).

And this supports achieving business KPIs and growth.


I grew things from scratch or made things that already existed bigger and more relevant. From doing PR for bands, grow agencies, achieve all time high election results,

restructure campaign settings to building great teams.

You get the point - I actually did it. Not theoretically but with my own hands.

On my own? Sometimes yes. But whenever I face a point where I feel that my skills are not sufficient I will bring specialists from my pretty comprehensive network on board.

The last thing I will do is tell you that I am the one and only. No Bullshit!

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