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Christoph Jung No Bullshit Rocks

Open-minded, creative leader in the field of Marketing & Communications. Used to changing environments; entrepreneurial thinking. Highly developed at working out the components of complex tasks. Good at keeping a cool head and staying upbeat and focused. I enjoy meeting new people, making contacts and helping my network.


Since 1995 I am working in the field of Marketing and Communications and had the pleasure to build my career on client side in business segments such as the music industry, telecommunications, politics, mobile apps and fintech. I worked on agency side as a Business Developer, Managing Director and Consultant. Two years of my business life I spent in Dubai (UAE).


Besides continuously busying myself with KPI driven Communications and Marketing within the poles of the on- and offline world I enjoy being a lecturer and keynote speaker.


I never lost my love for the entertainment business, start ups and great campaigns.

More info via LinkedIn.

Music I like.

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